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Mostly from the gitBook Professor Frisby’s Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming

Pure functions

A pure function is a function that, given the same input, will always return the same output and does not have any observable side effect.

The world is littered with ajax code exactly like this.

var getServerStuff = function(callback) {
  return ajaxCall(function(json) {
    return callback(json);

It is bad practice to surround a function with another function merely to delay evaluation, we’ll see why in a moment, but it has to do with maintenance.

When a function has the () at the end it will run and return something, when it does not, it simply returns the function stored in the variable.

// this line
return ajaxCall(function(json) { return callback(json); });
// is the same as this line
return ajaxCall(callback);

// so refactor getServerStuff
var getServerStuff = function(callback) { return ajaxCall(callback); };
// became this
var getServerStuff = ajaxCall;

Coup de grâce: parallel

We can run any pure function in parallel since it does not need access to shared memory and it cannot, by definition, have a race condition due to some side effect.


You can call a function with fewer arguments than it expects. It returns a function that takes the remaining arguments (partial application).

Example follow:

Include ramda

// Data
var string = 'ciao sono qui';
var stringer = 'AVANTI dai UA UA';
var qstring = 'I_am_doctor.Q';
var phrases = [string, stringer, qstring];

// Currying
var hasSpaces = R.test(/\s+/g);
var findSpaces = R.filter(hasSpaces);

Live result

  • findSpaces(phrases) =

Some more

// Functions
var words = R.split(' ');
var sentences = R.map(words);
var matchQ = R.test(/q/i);
var filterQs = R.filter(matchQ);
var take = R.slice(0);
toLowerCase = function(x) {
	return x.toLowerCase()
var snakeCase = R.compose(R.replace(/\s+/ig, '-'), toLowerCase);
var snakeCases = R.map(snakeCase);

Live results

  • words(string) =
  • sentences(phrases) =
  • filterQs(phrases) =
  • take(3, stringer) =
  • snakeCases(phrases) =

Naked functions


var compose = function(f, g) {
  return function(x) {
    return f(g(x));


var trace = curry(function(tag, x) {
  console.log(tag, x);
  return x;

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